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About Quad E Society

Quad E Society is a Christian-based non profit organisation incorporated in Malacca, Malaysia. The long-term goal of the Society is to provide persons with disabilities a living environment conducive to achieving the 4Es of the Society - Engage, Enable, Enhance, Empower:

  1. That persons with disabilities be encouraged to engage as much as is possible with all members of the community where they live.
  2. That persons with disabilities focus more on building and enabling their capacities and abilities, rather than be limited by their disabilities in their daily living.
  3. That persons with disabilities be given every opportunity to enhance their capacities to their fullest potential.
  4. That persons with disabilities be encouraged to take ownership of their lives and be empowered to work towards independence in their daily living.

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350H Jalan Yong Pak Khian, Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka., Malaysia