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About Richeese Factory Malaysia

Richeese Factory, born from the legacy of a renowned company famed for its delectable cheesy snacks, introduces a savory culinary adventure complemented by its iconic cheese sauce and tantalizing desserts. Originating in 2011, its inaugural establishment graced the vibrant streets of Bandung, and over the course of a decade, it burgeoned into a culinary phenomenon, spanning across Indonesia with a network of over 160 outlets. Catering to the Indonesian penchant for spicy flavors, Richeese Factory embarked on its journey by pioneering the "Fire" series, featuring fiery fried chicken doused in its signature cheese sauce, offering a spectrum of heat levels from Beginner to Ultimate. This innovative fusion of cheese and chili quickly captured the hearts of fried chicken aficionados nationwide. For those inclined towards milder tastes, the Richicken menu presents a delectable option, showcasing fried chicken adorned with a delicate layer of crispy skin renowned for its umami richness. Complementing this gastronomic delight is the option to enhance flavors with a side of tangy BBQ sauce, promising a gratifying culinary experience for all palates.


To be the first choice for customers to enjoy affordable cheese with fast service.


We provide customer satisfaction by continuously innovating cheese in food with a pleasant atmosphere and lively socialization.

Working Culture at Richeese Factory Malaysia

  • Embraces teamwork and collaboration, fostering a supportive environment.
  • Values creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Benefits of Working at Richeese Factory Malaysia

  • Competitive salary packages with performance-based incentives.
  • Opportunities for career growth and development through training and mentorship programs.

Promotion Opportunities at Richeese Factory Malaysia

Committed to recognizing and rewarding employee contributions through internal promotion pathways.

Encourages skill enhancement and advancement within the organization to foster a thriving professional community.

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