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About Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd

Shin Zushi is a Japanese Sushi Restaurant thriving in Malaysia since 2014. Our forte is handcrafted sushi, and our founder, Chef Shine Chew, plays a dual role as both the owner and the strategic mastermind behind our success. From our signature rolls to meticulously crafted nigiri, every item on the Shin Zushi menu is crafted with precision and passion by our skilled chefs.

Meet the Shin Zushi Founder - Chef Shine Chew

Confronted with the difficulty of finding a high-quality handmade sushi restaurant at reasonable prices, Chef Shine Chew, both a Malaysian and a chef, made a crucial decision. He set out to create a reliable sushi restaurant where customers could enjoy their meals without worrying about the expense. Thus, Shin Zushi came into existence, opening its first branch in Bukit Jalil. This gastronomic venture was initiated with limited resources and a committed team that included Chef Shine and his four adept apprentices. At Shin Zushi, we are dedicated to offering a delightful and accessible sushi experience to everyone, a vision that has been fundamental to our path right from the start.

Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant Mission

Our mission is to serve with pride and operate with passion, committed to upholding the Shin (New Style) Zushi (Edomae Nigiri Zushi) promise, delivered with unwavering dedication and excellence.

Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant Vision

Our vision is to be the leading destination for traditional hand-pressed 'Edomae style' and 'Aburi style' nigirizushi in Malaysia, while ensuring affordability.

Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant Core Values

Our core values are the cornerstone of our identity. We emphasize the importance of respect, not only for ourselves but also for our valued customers and the dedicated SHIN Team. Passion fuels our commitment to our responsibilities, driving us toward continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge. With courage, we confront challenges and view failures as chances to reset and grow. Above all, we adhere to the principles of perseverance, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and consistent respect for others.

Benefits of Working at Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant

  • Off once a week/ twice a week
  • Paid Leave
  • Full coverage of various ingredients

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No. 13-1, Jalan Jalil Jaya 7, Jalil Link, Bukit Jalil, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia