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since 1988 and soonest has created newly brand "K&M" fashion product in the local market, mainly targeted on low income group consumers. Our great sales achievement has encouraged us to expand the business by opening branches which are strategically located at KL, Penang, Perak,etc to meet the emerge demand of the domestic clothing market. Currently, we are the core importer of "K&M" fashion products not only for our outlet retailing, but also for wholesales's supplies. The management has foreseen the potential grow and competition of the clothing selling market. By year 2006, We took a decision to invest our first clothing making plant in Guang Zhou, China to deliver continuously the fashion clothing supplies to our own outlet and fulfill customer's demand instead rely only on his China's suppliers. We believe that this approach will totally cut off the cost and push an increase in the profit from the overall sales.

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YJ Century Trading

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202, Eastern Garden Teluk Intan 36000, Malaysia