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Sekolah Rendah Integrasi

Idea Unggul Sdn Bhd

Full Time

Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Fewer than 30 applicants. Your chances are good!

Posted a month ago • Closing 28 Feb 2021

Fewer than 30 applicants. Your chances are good!


1. Have teaching experience in government or private religious schools for at least a year

2. Can work seriously and can be committed to work for 2 years. Do not consider for candidates who work only temporarily

3. Likes to teach and manage children / students

4. Can respect and listen to the instructions of superiors

5. Trust in punctual (punctual)

6. Committed and energetic in carrying out instructions and tasks from superiors well and positively

7. Can and need overtime (if necessary - according to duty schedule)

8. Can maintain arrival / punctuality well (working hours / event / event preparation)

9. An active, diligent and able to participate in all company events 10. Do not bring negative or political elements in the workplace


  • Companies need candidates who are truly COMMITTED, UNCONSCIOUS and DISCIPLINE
  • After the successful candidate interview, the candidate will be offered as a 'TRAINEE' for two weeks. The allowance given is RM 46 / day and is paid every Friday.
  • Then, the package offered during the Probation Period amounting to a total of RM1,400.00, details as below: - Basic Salary RM1,200.00 - Arrival Allowance (EKD) RM100.00 - Attendance Compensation (IK) RM100.00
  • After the Probation Period, the number of packages will change depending on the performance of the employee during the Probation Period.
  • Benefits

  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 7 am - 5 pm Saturday: 7.30am - 11am (Alternate)
  • Other Benefits after Confirmation:
  • Food is provided during training, probation and throughout the working contract period.  
  • EPF and Socso contributions (after job confirmation)
  • Medical bonus (RM 50 / Month) (after job confirmation)
  • Annual leave 8 days a year (after job confirmation)
  • Annual bonus (after job confirmation)


    If interested, you are advised to read again with the above conditions and understand properly so as not to waste any time.

    After you really understand the company's expectations, you email your resume with your complete phone number, date of birth, height and weight, passport photo of the candidate

    You also need to be prepared to be interviewed in the near future. Thank you

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    About Company

    jobs in Idea Unggul Sdn Bhd

    Idea Unggul Sdn Bhd

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