What should I do if my boss terminates me because didn't reply to his message during non-working hours?

Lai Yin
21 jam yang lepas

Wah fight back lah of course! You actually need to sue your boss! 😡😡😡

How to encourage interns to speak up for sth they disagree?

Khoo Huiyong Sandra
5 bulan yang lepas

Maybe you would want to ask them their thoughts directly, and listen with an open mind. Most interns don't speak up because they are afraid their ideas would get shot down if th... Read More

Is it okay if majikan turunkan pangkat kita without any notice and explanation??In term of law is it verified?

Carol Anthony
2 bulan yang lepas

It's not OK to do so. Please have a chat with your superior and/or HR to find out why they did that. If the reason given is not valid and there is salary reduction too, you may ... Read More

Pengalaman ni membantu ke untuk dapatkan gaji tinggi?

Alysah Ali
1 bulan yang lepas

Kita boleh demand gaji tertakluk pada pengalaman kita. Sebaiknya, awak boleh menambah dalam 10%-30% dari tangga gaji awak secara basic nya. Dari percentage tersebut awak boleh n... Read More