So basically, i work for this big company.. this is my first time kerja manufacturing.. but so sar i love my job and yeah i like to learn many new things especially when it related to work/job. First year its quiet fun to learn many new things and got many new friends at the same time... literally its really challenging job but because my self esteem, I got pass it. Unfortunately, after many changes in management and in production, atmosfera at work tu lain macam, like uncomfortable because terlalu banyak pihak yg berat sebelah. This is not try to memburukkan company but its all about people disana, the environment become toxic and its make me sicks. Yes, i know dimana2 kita kerja pun akan ada environment yg toxic, but literally, what i mean toxic, it is really toxic. Especially from Production management. Its really happening to me the second year I work there, I berkorban kerja that 12hours, i ambil rest 1kali saja dlm 12 jam bkerja tu, bcause i try to kejar output brg. But guess what gaiss??? i got many bad complains just bcause my performance on attendance got bad like, i dtg lmbat kerja, imsuk lmbat rest, but do you know when it is?? thats my old behaviors, thats when our prod project was not approved yet.. now its got approved, automatically my attitude also change, bcause i know wheres what job that i need to finish, i know what my role is, i know what im doing.. im not stupid enough yknow? not that i dont realize they try to fooling around me, but because im not really talkkative person, im ignoring them.. and guess?? they dont satisfied with my behaviors towards them. Now my name so popular among spo, sya tak minta banyak pun, just nk mnta di hargai pengorbanan yg sya lakukan demi kejar output production, but well yeahh, biasalah klau org just tngok kesalahan kita yg 1 & 2 tuu... they will close their eyes for goodness that what you hve been doing so far.. thats how is there.. and now... i wish my application on F&B will be accept... betul lah ayat yg pernah sya baca di satu postingan... "we love our job, but what makes we dont wish be there is the amount of stress we got from environment that so toxic".. yeahh this is what happened to me recently until now.. and i wish i got call from f&b..


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