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  • Candidate must possess at least a Professional Certificate or Diploma in
  • Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Hotel Management or equivalent
  • At least 4 years of working experiences as supervisory role in similar industry
  • Those without professional qualifications must have minimum of 6 years of related working experience (full-time employment) in similar industry with good track records
  • Can speak English fluently and has the ability to read and write English sufficiently
  • Proficient in the full spectrum of casual / fine-dining restaurant function, including food planning and preparation, cost management, customer handling,workplace safety & security, regulatory requirements, people management, recordkeeping, etc
  • Understand and have experience working with Point-Of-Sales (POS) system
  • Meticulous, mathematically incline and possess good people skills
  • Analytical, strong in problem identification, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to maintain good relationship with diverse guests and employees within the restaurant
  • Excellent vision required for seating guests, expediting food, cleaning equipment, reading floor plans, charts and schedules
  • Self-discipline and self-motivated with dynamic personality to always strive for better results
  • Always maintain high standard of personal hygiene, neatly attired and professionally groomed
  • Enjoys interacting with people and serving guests
  • Possess enthusiasm in learning and keen to get feedback for improvement
  • Ability to engage in physical activities which require long hours of standing during the working shift
  • Require to work on rotating shift basis which include weekends and public holidays


  • Daily operation & customer handling
    • Responsible for the overall operations of the Front of House (FOH)
    • Monitor the performance standards of finished product quality, service speed and quality, cleanliness, and sanitation
    • Measures external guest’s satisfaction and executes plan to improve their satisfaction and increase their loyalty
    • Effectively schedules work shift according to Floor Positioning Guide (FPG) to meet operations needs and optimize manpower utilization
    • Responsible for compliance of work and service standards, food serving, hygiene standards in accordance with the restaurant Quality, Service, Ambience & Value (QSAV) guidelines, other policy guidelines established by the RV Group and the relevant regulatory requirements
    • Monitor weekly inventories estimates and controls food & beverage costs
    • Oversee implementation of in-restaurant procedures for new products & services
    • Use proper security and verification procedures when handling deposits and the contents of the safe
    • Ensure all restaurant business & people-related documents are maintained and recorded appropriately for future reference
    • Complete all daily paperwork, periodic inventories and statistical reports accurately and on a timely basis. Conduct necessary analysis and take appropriate action for improvement
    • Possess full knowledge of food, beverages, and other products & services served/provided by the Restaurant
  • Sales Building and Cost Management
    • Responsible for achieving monthly sales target by deploying the local store marketing (LSM) strategies leveraging on correct and updated data
    • Take necessary measures to ensure promotions are executed effectively to achieve/exceed the expected sales result
    • Monitor spending and expense items that are within the restaurant limit in ensuring budgets are met
    • Ensures that expenditure related to Front of House (FOH) stay within budget limitations and immediately takes action to correct any P&L line item deviation
  • People Care
    • Build Front of House (FOH) restaurant staffs commitment by demonstrating and reinforcing the leadership behaviours and work standards
    • Initiate and follow through on Front of House (FOH) restaurant staffs development plan to increase their loyalty and commitment, and pride with the outlet’s experience
    • Educate and ensure all restaurant staff understand and adhere to all appropriate personnel policies, labour laws, security and safety procedures
    • Assist in recruiting, selecting and retaining an optimum number of restaurant staffs, who are enthusiastically dedicated to guest satisfaction
    • Oversee and review performance appraisals based on defined goals and objectives for all Front of House (FOH) restaurant staffs in a timely manner
    • Administer in-restaurant employee benefits and payroll procedures
    • Maintain records for safety and appropriately documents contributions and performance in personnel file
  • Food Safety / Sanitation
    • Enforce and manages all food safety and sanitation requirement and practices as per company standard and statutory requirements
    • Maintain critical standards for raw and cooked food quality, beverages, service speed and quality, cleanliness, and sanitation
    • Inspects food receiving, preparation, production, and storage areas to ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times
  • Workplace Safety & Security 
    • Ensure all security procedures (cash deposits, staggered method of opening, closing, etc.) are executed accordingly
    • Maintain all physical aspects of the restaurant, including landscaping, building, equipment, etc and ensure it is following the documented inspection and testing standards
    • Ensure all workplace safety policies procedures are maintained and adhered to at all times
    • Undertake regular practices of emergency & evacuation procedures and enforce compliance when need arises
    • Undertake risk assessments on all restaurant specific issues, where the absence of such could put employees and guests at risk
    • Undertake full investigations of workplace incidents in the restaurant promptly and act upon any rectifications or work improvements

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02 April 2017

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