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4 Kerja

Kerja Yang Disarankan


  • Confident while possessing great student mentality
  • Good in communication and presentation skills
  • Outgoing and fun
  • Entrepreneurship mindset
  • Risk and responsibilities taker
  • Ability to lead to 5-7 people


  • Performing face-to-face sales presentations to potential customers
  • Mentoring the team on the field and in the office
  • Leading the team in hitting client’s target
  • Attending workshop domestically and internationally
  • Travelling to other states for sales course

Manfaat tambahan

  • Above-industry standard intern pay package
  • Personal development in communication and leadership coaching
  • International trip for leisure and education
  • An opportunity to gain permanent placement
  • An opportunity to hit personal goals

Tarikh permohonan terakhir

15 April 2017

Applicant Requirement


Malaysian,PR/Work permit holder,Foreigner

Lokasi Pekerjaan

Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, 50200, Malaysia

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Centurion Organisation

Centurion Organisation is a leading Malaysian marketing organization. We specialize in Events marketing; community based marketing activities and Business-to-Business consulting. We work with Nationally and Internationally recognized clients from Banking & Financial division, NGO division, Telecommunications division, Insurance division and Life style division. For all the executives working in our company we focus on two most important things. First one is ongoing continuous training and support. Training for our executives is not just restricted to office. We provide office visits within Malaysia and also selected candidates will travel overseas which is part of training. Second one is work life balance. As a company we believe healthy personal life will have a big impact on one’s work life. As you are busy building your career with us we also want you to take time to take care of your loved ones. As an ambitious company we have expansion plans to open new offices in Melaka, Ipoh and Penang in next 18 months. If you are an ambitious individual we are looking forward to have a chat with you.


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