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The Summit Batu Pahat, Johor

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1. To plan the recruitment strategy.

2. To co-ordinate in foreign workers recruitment.

3. To ensure the recruitment is done successfully and employed suitable candidate to fill the appropriate position.

4. To prepare the employment letter for monthly paid employee.

1 To liaise with Miaow Miaow Group on yearly training plan.

2. To recommend suitable training course to the Management.

3. To be responsible in company in-house training, engaged suitable external trainer and training canter.

4. To ensure training is done smoothly and effectively.

5. To ensure all training fees is claimable under HRD fund.

6. To evaluate and excess the implementation result after the training.

7. To assist/ write out the Company Training Policy and to be reviewed if necessary.

8. To ensure/ enforce implementation of Company Training Policy to all level of employees.

9. To responsible/ analyses the Employee Training Need Assessment by half yearly basis.

10. To plan/ analyses the Training Program Plan as per the Assessment Need by half yearly basis.

Foreign Recruitment
1. New recruitment

-- To assist in daily rated foreign workers recruitment.

-- To liaise with General Affairs section on the hostel accommodation arrangement.

-- To apply “Calling VISA” from the Malaysia Immigration before arrival of worker.

-- To apply the worker “Employment Pass” upon arrival through Foreign Workers Immigration Department.

-- To arrange Workman Compensation Insurance.

2. Renewal of Foreign Employment Pass

-- To arrange foreign worker for medical checkup with FOMEMA on 90 days before expiry of Employment Pass date.

-- To renew their passport if necessary.

-- To apply “Employment Pass” for those passed medical worker.

-- To arrange Workman Compensation Insurance.

3. Termination of contract

-- Contract of service expiry, failed Medical Report and charged of major misconduct issue.

-- To arrange Departure Flight ticket back to home country.

-- To apply check out memo with Foreign Worker Immigration Department.

General Affairs
1. Responsible for the overall operation/functions in General Affair (GA) section in administering company’s administration/general affairs and complying with the established policies & procedures, legal requirements and compliances.

2. Responsible for the administration of reception, company building maintenance and renovation, upkeeps of company vehicles, company out-sourced security services and issues related to health, safety & environment in the Company and it’s company subsidiaries, if applicable.

3. Responsible for the administration of sourcing for company hostel, negotiation on rental and tenancy agreement, and overseeing the issues related to occupancy in the hostels, hostels upkeep and others.

4. Responsible to lead and supervise GA team to ensure fulfillment of assignments, roles and responsibilities in related to GA and/or compliance in the Company, its subsidiaries and sub-contractors.

5. Responsible to control and minimize the costs involving in maintenance and upkeeps of Company building and hostels, company vehicles, renovation and/or refurbishment projects.

6. Responsible to meet the departmental objective / KPI / and lead the team to achieve the established goals.

7. Perform other work, duties and responsibilities assigned by the head of department (HOD) and/or management from time to time.

1. Responsible to fulfill compliance requirements in the Company and/or factory operations and company subsidiaries including company hostels.

2. To lead, provide training and to ensure deployment of established policies and procedures on compliances are adhered by employees of the Company, company subsidiaries and sub-contractors.

3. To conduct internal audit to ensure Company and/or factory, company subsidiaries and sub-contractors including hostels, are complying with all the compliance requirements and local laws.


  • EPF
  • Annual Leave

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jobs in Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

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jobs in Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd

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