Graduan Baru Respons Segera

Registered Staff Nurse

Mum and Baby Confinement Centre


Malaysian,PR/Work permit holder

  • Positive attitude, passionate on collaborative teamwork, excel at interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Adaptable to change, able to pivot and find alternate solutions, demonstrated capability in meeting new challenges.
  • Good problem solving skills, able to navigate unexpected situations or conditions.
  • Critical observer-thinker, bringing fresh perspective and offer intuitive solutions and ideas.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in driving teamwork excellence, conflict resolution.
  • Candidate must prossess at least a Professional Certificate, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma, Degree, Advanced Degree.
  • Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia, optionally Mandarin.
  • Business-minded where applicable with entrepreneurship skill to ensure business success.
  • Have strong knowledge of applicable system automation, business solution softwares.


  • Nursing professionals provide treatment, support and care services for people who are in need of nursing care due to the effects of postpartum. They assume responsibility for the planning and management of the care of patients, including the supervision of other health care workers, working autonomously or in teams with  others in the practical application of preventive and curative measures.
  • Tasks include –
  • Planning, providing and evaluating nursing care for patients according to the practice and standards of modern nursing;
  • Coordinating the care of patients in consultation with other health professionals and members of health teams;
  • Developing and implementing care plans for the biological, social and psychological treatment of patients in collaboration with other health professionals;
  • Planning and providing personal care, treatments and therapies including administering medications, and monitoring responses to treatment or care plan;
  • Cleaning wounds and applying surgical dressings and bandages;
  • Monitoring pain and discomfort experienced by patients and alleviating pain using a variety of therapies, including the use of painkilling drugs;
  • Planning and participating in health education programmes, health promotion and nurse education activities in clinical and community settings;
  • Answering questions from patients and families and providing information about prevention of ill-health, treatment and care;
  • Supervising and coordinating the work of other nursing, health and personal care workers;
  • Conducting research on nursing practices and procedures and disseminating findings such as through scientific papers and reports.


  • Annual Leave
  • Training Provided
  • Performance Bonus
  • Overtime Pay

Manfaat tambahan

  • KWSP
  • Medical claim included
  • Annual and medical leave shall be in accordance with the prevailing Labour Law

Mengenai Syarikat

Mum and Baby Confinement Centre

Penjagaan Kesihatan / Perubatan

Negeri Sembilan

We hire, we train to educate and handle postpartum mothers and most of all to provide the educational tender and loving care to the newborns.

Jenis syarikat

Small-Medium Enterprize

Saiz syarikat

<30 Pekerja

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