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HPMT Industries is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Solid Carbide cutting tools as well as trading of third party products of cutting tools, supporting equipment and accessories for metalworking. Our solid carbide cutting tools are made out of End Mills, Drills & ballnoses and are for specific applications; sold both locally in Malaysia & Southeast Asia, as well as overseas. Currently, we distribute to more than 30 countries mainly in Europe and Asia under our own HPMT brand and for our distributors’ private labels.

We don’t see what we do just as the manufacturing of cutting tools.

In fact, our impact extends to many crucial industries, that affect most people lives through better and more affordable goods.

That’s why we look for individuals that are excited by the pursuit of quality and innovation, with the ultimate goal of shaping the world for better living of the entire mankind.

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Shah Alam, Selangor

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