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National Dual Training System (NDTS) / Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) is an industry-oriented training program that combines workplace and institutional training. McDonald’s Malaysia is the first quick-service restaurant operator to be awarded the SLDN accreditation by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) of the Ministry of Human Resources.

McDonald’s Malaysia has achieved another milestone in human capital development following the accreditation by the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia to the company as provider of apprenticeship programmes under the National Dual Training System (Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional).

Successful apprentices will be awarded with the national skills qualification by Department of Skills Development (DSD).

The achievement underscores McDonald’s commitment to support the government’s agenda for Malaysia to achieve 35 percent skilled workers by 2020. It is open to school leavers or existing workers who meet the criteria can be offered as apprentices by a sponsoring company to undergo training.

By the end of the year, a total of 100 McDonald’s restaurants will be certified as practical training locations, involving approximately 1,000 apprentices. The restaurants are located in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang.

McDonald’s Malaysia Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, Azmir Jaafar, said McDonald’s participation in the SLDN and the recognition that comes with it will elevate the standards of the company’s human capital development initiatives.

“McDonald’s Malaysia has consistently been seeking ways to improve the competency level of its employees as part of our commitment to produce a diverse team of well-trained employees

“We believe that our human capital development initiatives are in line with the national human resource agenda which we strongly support. We hope the McDonald’s SLDN apprentice programme will in a way become a catalyst in helping the country achieve human resource efficiency to accelerate economic growth as aspired under the 11th Malaysia Plan,” he said at the McDonald’s SLDN launch ceremony, which was officiated by Human Resources Minister, Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Richard Riot Anak Jaem. certification for trainers

At the ceremony, managers representing the six McDonald’s training locations received the SLDN recognition certificates from the Minister. Dato’ Seri (Dr) Richard Riot also handed over recognition certificates to five McDonald’s industry experts who are involved in the SLDN programme. The industry experts are recognised and certified based on their years of working experience and contribution towards the company.

Azmir said McDonald’s is committed to bringing out the best of its potential employees. Not only is participation in SLDN a career progression for employees, it is also great corporate social responsibility initiative for the company. “Besides benefitting from full sponsorship of the training programme, each apprentice is given a monthly living allowance of RM1,200, medical and insurance benefits, as well as free meals. “This will help them to focus on learning and acquiring the required skills instead of having to worry over their daily financial needs,” he added.

McDonald’s Malaysia Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, Azmir Jaafar, said McDonald’s is looking forward to exciting times ahead. “We have a growth plan that not only reflect the well-being of our business but will eventually lead to the elevation of the economic status of many Malaysians.

“By 2025, we target to have 450 restaurants and create another 10,000 jobs to the current workforce of 12,000,” he said.

The SLDN is an industry-oriented training programme that combines workplace and institutional training. During the 18-month training period, the McDonald’s apprentices are expected to receive 70 - 80 per cent practical training in the restaurant and 20 - 30 percent theoretical lessons conducted in classrooms.

As soon as they pass the assessment and final test, which will be conducted at the end of the training programme, they will be awarded the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 2 and Level 3 by the Department of Skills Development (DSD). This certificate qualifies them for employment at McDonald’s restaurant and for them to continue to progress in their career.

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