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Sales Salary In Malaysia

Average Base Salary
RM 1700
RM 2089
RM 2448


What is Sales Job about ?

Sales jobs are sell products, goods, and services to customers. Sales are the spearhead of the company. The sales team is in charge of looking for maximum income by selling goods and services up to the hands of consumers. Usually, the sales team is targeted to be able to achieve sales results with a certain value. The more successful sales, the more profits will be received by the company.


How to become sales?
Sales have the ability to persuade the customer to buy. They have to know well about the product they sell. Good communication skills are needed in this job.


What is the sales job requirement?
Each company has a different requirement. In general sales job has a requirement:
- Good communication skills and have the ability to persuade people.
- Self confident and not easy to give up.
- Willing to learn about the product that the company sells.