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The company initially started its business in a form of sole proprietorship- Atlantic Hitz Marketing in the year of 1998. The main business activities involved in trading and manufacturing apparels and premium items for departmental stores in Peninsular Malaysia. In the years 2000, the company extended its business in corporate & industrial market, such as custom made apparels and premium gifts.


In the year 2009, the company converted its business entity as Atlantic Hitz Sdn Bhd. Apart of widening its market share in the industry, the company further ventures into the OEM business for a number of branded apparels. Quality come first is the foundation of Atlantic Hitz Sdn Bhd. In line with our business vision. We always ensure the continuity of innovation and improvement in production as well as management. To achieve our vision of providing high quality products, punctual delivery, prompt service and competitive price, our company always emphasises the importance of staff competency.


Our company is well supported by fully skilled operators and experienced management personnel. Our production is structured into 3 separate sections, which are cutting section, printing & embroidery section ad sewing section, of which each section is managed by a supervisor. These 3 sections consist of skilled staff for its own specialisation.

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