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BIG Battery is an official authorized distributors of Amaron Battery. The Only Center that offers full range of Amaron Series. Be it GO, HILIFE, Hilife PRO, Hilife DURO. To cater the different needs of the car electrical demands and our modern lifestyle.


With the assistance of our professional technical team, customers can depend on us for a professional car battery replacement service as well as charging systems checking. We not only sale but exceeding customer's requirements and provide satisfactory after sales service. (Note: We DO NOT engaged 3rd party / outsider partimers to service our customers).


Our Center: Puchong (HQ), Old Klang Road, Setapak, Subang Kg. Melayu.


Amaron is the Hottest Battery Brand in the market now. Is not just by pure marketing. Thru out the years, millions of people has experienced it benefits and gave very positive reviewed on Amaron Battery.

The launch of Amaron Batteries brought long-lasting power that added style and zoom to your drive. No wonder then, Amaron has changed the game in battery industries.


Since the very beginning, Amaron have stayed true to their promise - to deliver quality products and services that meet international standards. And this promise is something that you experience every time you crank your ignition key.

BIG Battery – You Can Batt On Us!!

AMARON – Last Long, Really Long.

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