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Bintulu, Sarawak

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Little Caliphs Bintulu was established in Dec 2017 in the heart of Bintulu City, Sarawak. It is an Islamic-English-Creative kindergarten that aim to help preschool children in realizing their best spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional & physical potential. We emphasizes on safety of children – teacher supervision during arrival and departure from our kindergarten. Exit signs at all entrances are available in case of emergency, with outdoor secondary stairs from 1st floor. We also focuses on comfortable learning area with spacious classrooms equipped with air conditioning, complete teaching-learning aid tools, dining area and many more. Our teachers will always strive their very best to teach children in many aspects of Islamic religion from performing 5 daily prayers, reading Quran reciting du’a, performing routine zikr, hafazan etc. Children will also be exposed to the latest education techniques that will assist them in their worldly life as well as at the hereafter insya-Allah.

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