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Due to increasing demand for high quality Islamic Education, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad (PPAAB) is set to expand its chain of Al- Amin Islamic School at Batu Caves. This school aims to serve the surrounding community. We are applying 21st Century education System which promotes creative and challenging, thematic, brain-friendly, skills focussed, personal development, international mindedness, global themes and local heritage, assesment for learning.


Our principles:

Al-Amin Darul Musthofa School (AADMS) believes that we have to prepare the students for the world that we live in with respect to :

• The challenges that they have to face (paperless, work alone, move about & change jobs often)

• The skills they have to acquire (not just academic excellence)

• The attitude they have to adopt (what does being good means?)


On going process at AADMS





Our philosophy:

A comprehensive and on-going educational effort yet dynamic based on al-Qur’an and al-Sunnah with the aim to develop human potential as ‘abid and khalifah capable of establishing a prosperous civilization in this world and attaining happiness in the Hereafter.


Our goals:

Students are able to :

- Obtain appropriate and sufficient academic standards to pursue secondaryeducation

- Perform obligatory ibadah correctly and inculcate aqidah shahihah

- Exhibit and internalise their understanding of Islam as a complete way of life

- Sufficiently carry out their roles as ‘abid and khalifah by doing good thus benifitting themselves and others

- Display leadership qualities in a team and communicate ideas effectively among their peers and adults


Personal Goals for Students

• Mardatillah : seeking Allah’s pleasure

• Ihsan : striving for excellence

• Ithar : preferring others above oneself

• Islah : embracing transformation And also, FAST

• Fatanah : wisdom

• Amanah : trustworthy

• Siddiq : truthful

• Tabligh : convey


AADMS Integrated Curriculum


• National Curriculum, KSSR

• International Syllabus

• ISLAH Curriculum : Tasawwur Islami, Al Qur’an & Al Hadith studies,   Languages (Arabic & Mandarin), Social Studies (History, Geography, Sociology)



• Thematic



• 21st century teaching and learning

• Al-Amin 2.0 learning process.

• Montessori


Element across Curriculum

• Inculcation of Tawhid across curriculum



21st Century Education in AADMS : Features

- Creative and challenging

- Thematic

- Brain friendly (nourishment : exercise movement, safety : team building,   social : cooperative learning, social-cognition, emotion :   emotion linked   to content , attention : activate to capture, stimuli : visual, music) 


Skills focused (core skills : communication, numeracy, problem solving, IT & working with others)

- Personal and character development,  international mindedness

- Global themes and local heritage

- Assessment for learning


21st Century Education; Teaching and Learning in AADMS

• Students centred

• Experiential & knowledge based

• Diverse learning methodologies

• Global classroom

• Acquiring skills :

- Numeracy, ICT, scientific, financial, cultural and civic literacies

- Competencies in creativity, communication, collaboration, critical   thinking & problem solving,

- Nurturing character : curiosity, initiative, persistence, resilience, adaptability, leadership, social & cultural awareness

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