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About Wonders

Wonders is a restaurant software technology company based in New York City since 2013. We are expanding at a triple-digit growth rate year over year globally. Wonders provides tools to help independent take-out restaurants, reduce staffing headaches, increase revenue, and lower costs, all at once! As a company built by technologists and former restaurant operators, Wonders takes customer empathy seriously. We obsess over placing our customers first and working backward, and we fundamentally believe that when our customers succeed, we succeed.

  • We have achieved significant growth over the last year and doubled our customer base of mom-and-pop restaurants
  • We have maintained profitability for 5+ years and continue to do so even with solid growth.
  • We have been in a hyper-growth phase and have a need to grow our company from currently 1000 people to 2000+

Our Solutions

Order Taking

When it comes to take-out food, most customers prefer to order ahead on the phone or online. That’s where we come in! Guided by your training and restaurant personality, we train our dedicated customer service experts to deliver a phone ordering experience even better than your in-store employees. You no longer have to deal with the headache of hiring, training, and staffing just the right number of employees. No more worrying about missed calls means more orders and an increase in revenue. Some of your customers prefer to order online? We can help too! We provide white label, beautiful websites at a fraction of what large platforms charge.


Are you spending enough on marketing? If so, are you getting the return you were expecting from those marketing investments? We are experts in digital marketing solutions that have achieved 90% return on investment. Our team will work with you to create sustainable and long-term strategies that will wow your customers and increase your profit. The best part is, you will see concrete data showing exactly how much more revenue are being generated by these marketing campaigns - no more spending marketing dollars on methods that don’t show clear results.

Social Media Management

When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having great social media management is vital to your restaurant business. From replying to reviews, to setting up your profiles in social media sites, to creating relevant posts, and everything else in between, we make sure your social media presence is as mouth-watering as your food!

Data Analytics

Large national chain restaurants have the resources to utilize Big Data to gain valuable insight to win market share and deliver a better customer experience. We are bringing the same capabilities to your restaurant business. How would knowing the popularity of each food item and their corresponding profit margin drive your decision on your menu set up? Why do some customers order more frequently than others? What’s the impact to your profit if your customer base orders 10% more frequently and how can you go about achieving that? You would be surprised at the data that is sitting in your restaurant now, the insights they provide, and how powerful they can become in helping you make better decisions.

Our Core Values

Client-Focused - We think and make decisions as if we were the client.

People-Centric - We invest in our people. We foster growth and encourage learning.

Have Relentlessy High Standard - We always strive to do even better. Outsiders may think our standards are unreasonably high.

Deliver Measurable Results - If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it. It’s that simple.

Be Creative - We think differently and look around corners for creative solutions.

Be Efficient - We keep things simple and do more with less. Frugality breeds resourcefulness and invention.

Work Hard and Have Fun - We work hard and put care into everything we do. And we have fun while doing it.

Job Highlights:

  • Job Stability
  • Career Exposure and Growth
  • People Success Culture

Career Development

People's Success is always the top priority; Wonders provides internal mobility opportunities to all employees to optimize their creativity while encouraging them to pursue new skills, growth, and overall career satisfaction. As a client service advisor, you understand our clients the best; this knowledge will enable you to move to any teams within Wonders, including business analysts, system content specialists, tech specialists, and more.

  • Day-to-day growth in a current role versus changing jobs or companies to find new growth opportunities
  • Shift from what an employee 'should do' in a position to what they 'can' or 'want' to do
  • More hands-on involvement from the employee in their career development and work
  • Greater flexibility in the nature or type of work an employee does and the work they're exposed to 
  • Find new ways to develop unique or niche skills while building on existing skillsets 

Wonders Vision

 We are the leading technology and customer service partner for restaurants everywhere.

Wonders Mission

 To provide a virtuous ecosystem of tools and services to restaurant operators to help them be more successful.

Join a rocket ship!

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