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Founded in 1997 by Helen Read, as she saw a need for stylish, high quality and well-fitted clothing in the Malaysian market for women sizes UK12 to UK24. Upholding a commitment to curvaceous women looking for well-made everyday wear, we have expanded our presence from physical brick-and-mortar stores to being an omni-channel retailer, serving customers from all over the world. Today, Helen together with her daughter, Kristy share the same commitment and vision in driving the growth of MS. READ - we believe in connecting with the MS. READ woman on a deeper level to ensure the brand stays relevant and purposeful for her, one outfit at a time. We thrive on innovation From fabric swatches to the final product, we’re constantly looking for ways to understand and meet our customers’ every wardrobe need and want. Ethics is important to us In a world of fast, disposable fashion, our aim is to make women look and feel good ethically and responsibly. This is why we have our clothes manufactured with care and passion using high-quality fabrics, by people whom we respect and trust at price points that are accessible to all our customers. Our doors are open 24/7 We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to wait to have their style needs fulfilled, which is why they can shop via, and our MS.READ mobile app, 24/7.

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