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Founded in 1996, Placid Express is an affordable and efficient alternative choice for consumers sending money to their loved ones living in over 30 countries. Currently, Money Transfer services of Placid Express can be utilized from many of the top MSAs of the United States, Italy and Malaysia. Additionally, its service is available via partner networks in Spain, UK and U.A.E.

Small Businesses can provide a value added service to their customers and generate attractive income by becoming an authorized Placid Express Money Transfer Agent. With generous commissions and bonuses, more small businesses are now selecting Placid Express as their Money Transfer partner the serve the Money Transfer needs of their customers.

Money Transfer startups and established companies alike can take advantage of our recently launched 'Join the Network' solution. This exclusive program allows interested Money Transfer companies to immediately have access to Placid Express' own network portfolio to quickly enhance its remittance country offerings. In addition to very low access fees and high exchange rates, Placid Express can also provide access to its custom developed full featured Money Transfer software, if desired.

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