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2011年到2016年,全球电子商务零售交易额从0.86万亿美元增长至1.92万亿美元,年平均增长率达17.4%。亚洲地区电子商务零售交易额占全球市场的46%。马来西亚的电子商务零售年均增速超过20%。 The global e-commerce retail have increased from $860 billion in year 2011 to $1920 billion in year 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 17.4%, where Asia accounts for 46% of the global market. The average annual growth rate of E - commerce retail in Malaysia is over 20%. 线上电子商务的高速增长,离不开快递业,需要先进的快递物流来帮助他们的货物配送。所以,我们来啦。 Express Industry is of vital significance for the rapid expansion of online e-commerce, and it requires advanced express services for delivery of goods. So, Here we Come! 公司简介Company profile J&T Express是一家基于互联网发展的科技型快递公司,于2015年8月成立于印尼雅加达,业务涵盖同城、国内及国际快递业务。 J&T Express is a technology based express service company founded in August 2015 in Jakarta of Indonesia , nature of business covers domestic and international express service. J&T致力于利用先进的IT管理系统,改善消费者快递的时效和服务质量,以上门收件、电商配送为主要快递业务,同时发展互联网相关产业。 J&T vigorously apply advanced IT management facilities to provide customers with high-efficiency and high-quality service. J&T Express major engaged in express service with high efficiency pick-up and delivery service, meanwhile develop related network business. J&T Express以惊人的发展速度,从零开始,在一年后成为印尼第二大快递公司,并于2017年9月成为印尼第一电商快递品牌.合作伙伴包含印尼最大电商平台Tokopedia, 及Blibli, Bhinneka等知名电商企业. J&T Express business keep growth at a tremendous speed, after one year development, it become Top 2 express service company in Indonesia and the best express brand for e-commerce in Sep 2017. Partnership with Indonesia biggest e-commerce platform Tokopedia and other famouse e-commerce company including Blibli, Bhinneka etc. 2017 年7月估值达到4.4亿美元,获得1.1亿美元融资。 Company valued reach 440 million USD and obtained financing 110 million US Dollar in Jul 2017. 4000个营业点,近*0000名训练有素的员工 J&T Express has extended its services to all over Indonesia with more than 4,000 service points and approximately 20,000 well-trained talents. 企业愿景Vision打造覆盖东南亚的基于互联网发展的科技型快递公司,成为东南亚电商快递第一品牌 To be a technology based express service company which business cover throughout Southeast Asia.To be No. 1 brand of E-commerce express service in Southeast Asia. 企业使命MissionJ&T Express 用诚信,分享,服务和责任这四个核心价值观为客户提供最高质量的快递服务。 Integrity, share, service and responsibility are four core values drive by J&T Express to achieve the ultimate package express delivery quality for customers. Read less Why join us? 2018启动马来西亚市场,诚聘社会及高校各界精英,只要你有创业的激情、艰苦奋斗的精神,别犹豫,来吧,和我们一起创造未来!We are starting business in Malaysia on year 2018. We are always looking for confident high-calibre individuals with passion and high adaptability in diversity. If you meet these criteria, then welcome you thrive with us.

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