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The rich farmlands in Kampong Raja, Blue Valley, and Kuala Terla are among the most productive areas for vegetable production in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands. Taking over stretches of these sprawling gardens where their parents once toiled in the decades before, a new generation of agriculturalists, marketeers and entrepreneurs set up Ever Fresh Cameron to build upon the success of a past era. In the process, they seek also to serve and help prosper their neighbours through increasing farm productivity and assisting them to reach a wider consumer market. Born and bred in the Cameron Highlands, the founding members of Ever Fresh Cameron have an intuitive feel and attachment to the greens that the fertile highland loams nurture. Making use of their training in Information Technology (IT), they integrate technology with vegetable growing, store management and distribution logistics. The result of this is an unparalleled consistency in product quality and absolute reliability in delivery achieved through the implementation of technical know-how backed by substantial investments in cold rooms and vehicular transport. To put these plans into action, the company has assembled a team of experienced and committed operators to ensure smooth running of its services. Ever Fresh Cameron keeps track of every step of its integrated supply chain, from the time the order is taken to the time it is handed over at delivery.

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Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

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