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The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council is the coordinating agency of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS). It has the responsibility to strengthen the national agricultural research capacity through planning and integration of resources. It involves in several cooperative activities within government ministries: Agriculture, Forest and Environment, Fisheries and Livestock, Rural Development, Education, Industries, Commerce, Science and Technology, etc. For more information on BARC see Council intends to develop a decision support system in agricultural policy analysis and planning, for use by the Bangladesh Government. The system comprises databases as well as software tools for estimation, simulation and prediction with spatial resolution and social stratification. It incorporates and integrates detailed agronomic and household information, as obtained from relevant maps and surveys for Bangladesh. Once operational, the tool needs maintenance and updating.To realize this aim, BARC intends to engage in a long-term cooperation with the Centre for World Food Studies (SOW-VU) in the Netherlands (see that has developed similar systems before and applied these in other countries.For its project Policy Decision Support For Sustainable Agricultural Development Towards Food Security, BARC has a vacancy for a

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