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Ad Diniah has been operating since 1985 by operating Qurban and Aqiqah programs in Malaysia, Cambodia, Africa, Mecca, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar. Apart from volunteer work, Ad Diniah also has a Pondok School, Madrasah Diniah Ahmadiah which was established by Ustaz Zakaria Awang Al-Ahmadi. So far, Ad Diniah has built 10 mosques and suraus in Cambodia. With the long-term efforts and high patience of the Ad Diniah team, in December 2020, a total of *0000 units of water pumps have been safely built and endowed (waqaf) for the convenience of the Muslim community. Apart from the water pump endowment (waqaf), Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Ad Diniah also holds other endowment programs such as Al-Quran Waqaf Program, Toilet Waqaf Program, Solar Waqaf and the latest is Bicycle Waqaf.

Through these programs, Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Ad Diniah is increasingly known in the eyes of the public and has increased the number of participants of the program throughout the years.

Apart from programs organized to help Malaysians in need such as Tabung Islah and Islah Care, Ad Diniah also organizes various program revolving volunteerism. The purpose is to invite the Ad Diniah team to always share sustenance/wealth, be kind and compassionate to God's creatures and to educate the soul of the team to always be ready and sacrifice to help the people in need.

In line with the vision of the Organization which is- To Become The Main Source Of Reference Of Islamic NGO In Helping Asean Muslim Minority Muslims by December 2025 As Well As To Produce Strong Religious Understanding, Pious And Skilled-Leaders Within The Staff of Ad Diniah.

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PERTUBUHAN SUKARELAWAN AD DINIAH NO. 2- 2 Floor 1, Jalan TTDI Grove 1/2, TTDI Grove Square 1, Kajang, Selangor

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