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Company SSM No 0916688-V · 50-200 Employees · Sales / Biz Development


About DVM Vision Group Marketing

DVM Vision Group Marketing is part of the Salesworks and one of the most progressive face-to-face sales and field marketing companies in Malaysia. As part of the Salesworks we deal with a wide range of products and services including telecommunications, payTV, broadband, insurance, fundraising, consumer products, energy, home efficiency, home security, financial services, training and education courses, sports marketing, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Every day we speak to thousands of people and deliver new customers for the blue chip and charity client base.

As a company we train all our brand Ambassador in corporate communications, leadership, recruitment & management. We also provide travel trips to overseas and have them build their network with delegates from the respective countries. We believe in working smart that explains why we have shorter working time frame , we also believe in investing our valuable time into education to enhanced ourself to be more productive and responsive so we can be more successful is shorter period of time .

Is not about “big fish eat small fish, we believe in fast fish eats slow fish”

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DVM Vision Group Marketing

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Small-Medium Enterprize

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Sales / Biz Development

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No 35A Jalan Harmonium 35/1, Johor Bharu, Johor, Malaysia