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Ecosys Media is an European media company, having a wide range of media platforms:
    TV station
    Web TV websites
    Sports and betting-related websites
    Football magazine
Ecosys Media was founded in 2007 by Holger Kristiansen - the man behind the biggest football website in Denmark and biggest private danish bookmaker/betting company. The purpose of Ecosys Media is to bring sports and betting content to our users and viewers, through a range of platforms.

In the beginning, this was a football website about the danish leagues, a football magazine, a poker and a betting website. All very focused on WebTV content.
In 2011 we created an office in Malta, from where we're going to expand our betting website portfolio to other countries than Denmark.
Early 2012, we expanded with another website,, focusing on lower danish football leagues, and therefore have a very big user involvement, as these leagues are where the users are actually playing themselves.
April 2012, the WebTV finally grew into an actual national TV-station focused on sports and betting.
In this business we are pioneers, as the only national tv station to broadcast our live signal free from our website and on mobile devices. We're also pioneering in SmartTV apps. Currently it's possible to view our VOD clips on Samsung and Philips SmartTV, and we're working on an app with live signal as well.
Product & Services - football magazine - betting (suggestion) website - betting competition - TV station and webtv portal - Danish football from lower division

And more to come...

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