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Geomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd Specialises In Underground Utilities Detection & Mapping As-Built / Engineering / Topographical / Land Title / Strata Title Survey.


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It clearly showing all manner of utilities, their depth, position and type. What's more, it can usually be achieved without disturbing the ground and with minimal disruption to the public or other site workers.


Our Missions

"...To deliver your project on time through our strong team work commitment with clients, suppliers and contacts. Our team commitment is evident through our repeat businesses with the same clients. These show our value as a trusted partner and our versatility in filling multiple roles including supplier, consultant, service provider, and business partner."


Our Visions

"...We are driven by our passion and commitment to provide the latest and the best location intelligence, by continuously setting high standards, we believe, with our professionalism and dedication, we will become the company we aspire to be..."


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