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GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK Bio), one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, is located in Rixensart, Belgium. Belgium is the centre of all GSK’s activities in the filed of vaccine research, development and production. GSK Bio employs more than 1000 research scientists who are devoted to discovering new vaccines and developing more cost-effective and convenient combination products to prevent infections that cause serious medical problems worldwide. GSK Bio employs 4000 employees in Belgium (more than 5000 worldwide)Context:Development of new compounds in Oncology is a key commitment of GSK. Paving the way with novel entities, like TykErb, GSK Biologicals has evaluated the potential of Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines, relying on its knowledge of tumor immunology and the development of new immunological adjuvants to tackle cancer. This approach has been rewarded. Following the recent identification of exciting immuno-therapeutic activity of an in-licensed compound, GSK Biologicals is expanding its’ therapeutic cancer vaccines program aggressively. As this initiative has been identified as a key growth engine for the future, the group is now expanding rapidly. In order to support the Head of the Project Management, we are interested in attracting a number of outstanding (Senior) Project Managers to the Cancer Immunotherapeutics Team.Ideally this would include:

  • Senior Project Manager – Early Development
  • Senior Project Manager - ERD and Business IP interface
  • Senior Project Manager - Global Clinical Operations
  • Senior Project Manager – Business Operations

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