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HNA Group is a conglomerate developed against the backdrop of China’s Reform and Opening Up. Maiden flight on May 2, 1993 signified the beginning of its undertakings. Since then, it has created a miracle in the business community over the past two decades, successfully transforming from a traditional aviation enterprise to a conglomerate in its expansion from Hainan Island to the globe. It is committed to creating a business culture for the new era. HNA Group has initiated a distinct operating and control system, incorporating the interests of the larger society with that of its own. By incorporating traditional Chinese culture and integrating Chinese socialist values with a world-class management system, HNA fosters a corporate culture befitting both Chinese and western society.


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HNA Group

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Marine / Aquaculture

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HNA Plaza, No. 7 GuoXing Road, Haikou, Hainan, Malaysia