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HOP was created in 2018 from several observations:


- We now live in a digitized world: according to CNN, Americans devote more than 10 HOURS A DAY to screen time, and growing. Our kids spend 6 TO 8 HOURS A DAY in front of screens... and it is even getting worse with kids starting to multi-screening (looking at several devices at the same time ie phone/television etc..). WE SOMETIMES NEED A BREAK, AND IT IS DIFFICULT TO LOOK AT SCREEN WHEN PRACTICING SPORTS (GOOD NEWS!)


- People do not meet anymore, they are really busy, running after time. Our social lives are richer on the net, but poorer in meeting "real" people. We do not share moments anymore, we share electronic experiences. Quality vacations are becoming more and more important. There is also little to do for kids during their vacation, especially in terms of sport camps, and when there is something, then it is generally educational (computer science, finance, language...). So kid send up spending even more time on screens during their vacations. PRACTICING OUTDOOR SPORTS, SHARING EMOTIONS BUILDS STRONG RELATIONSHIPS


- Obesity is gaining market share! There is a clear decrease in physical activities and an increase in sedentary behavior and unhealthy eating habits to the point that it is often the case that the majority of country populations have a BMI  (Body Mass Index) higher than 25kg/m2 - a sign of obesity. The best way to keep fit is to practice a sport... BUT you need to enjoy it, if not you will just drop it. SPORT INSTRUCTORS CAN TRANSMIT THEIR PASSION


- Our (only) planet is sick.. and we are the cause of its disease BUT we are also its solution. We cannot blame elderly people for what was done, but we need to educate ourselves so that we do not have the same impact going forward. Unfortunately we are way behind when it comes to protection of the environment. it is critical that we upgrade ourselves and expose our kids early so that environment protection becomes instinctive. THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO SEE THE ISSUE THAN TO PRACTICE SPORT IN THAT ENVIRONMENT

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