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iMagic-BOX is basically an invention research and development company established since 7 years ago and headed by a very innovative and resourceful Chief Innovation Officer coming from an impressive history of success in tackling insurmountable challenges in his career and the ability to build “business bridges” across nations. Together with his dynamic team of experts coming from different backgrounds and qualifications but united in a single dream, iMagic-BOX intend to “bring magic into their inventions”.. .



We pioneered in tackling some of the world’s difficult healthcare challenges, such as creating a walk-in bathtub for the aged senior or people with mobility difficulties so that they can gain back their independence while providing a safer place for them to take their bath. With road deaths piling up daily, we thought that it is time that something must be done to bring down the statistics and soon our innovators came out with PlaxiBUMP, a height adjustable road bump which went installed onto the roads will allow them to be safer for our pedestrians while at the same time is able to record vehicle movement statistical data for future road planning. With flash floods engulfing our roads and highways whenever there is a downpour, our innovators created the PlaxiGUARD flood control barriers. Once they are installed, everybody will have a smooth ride home.

The above are just some of the ground-breaking products developed based on our continuous innovation and research. We are not asking for the sky except to realise our dreams that we can help to shape a better future. For more info about our company visit our website

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