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Since the industrial revolution machine power has replaced traditional animal power and man power in the production of goods, and with this change has come a corresponding vigorous development in corporate management. For some two hundred years "technology" and "management" have interacted and complemented each other to become two great pillars that are constantly raising the level of human society's power of production. Society's investment in creating the corporation was a search for optimum interaction with technology in order to fully master the mechanism for raising the power of production, to create profits and to benefit people. Although the corporation is a product of society's investment, its organizational components are its employees and thus the employees must identify with and be intimately familiar with the specific goals of the corporation. The corporation combines the labor of many people through its use of contracts, integrating the duplicated work of many individuals, thus production is very efficient, and it is the accumulation of efficiencies that is the hallmark of corporate performance. The corporation then gives a return to the various organizational members. The corporation is able to add together the abilities of numerous people so their labor is not restricted by time or space and thus the corporation surpasses what any single individual can achieve, and experience and knowledge are able to accumulate indefinitely and expand without limit. The life of the corporation is thus able to go on forever, surpassing the short life of the individual. This is the positive significance of the individual's participation in corporate life. For this reason in its business philosophy the corporation explains the specific goals it pursues, describes the return on corporate performance as well as how the corporation can have a life that outlasts that of the individual. Accordingly, IAC's business philosophy is expressed by the following four concepts: Mission, Shared Values, Vision, and Business Strategy.

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Inventec Appliances (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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2-3-16 3 Blok 2 (1 Square) Tingkat Mahsuri 1, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia