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About Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad

Welcome to the career page of Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad!

We are proud to introduce Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad, which was established on 19th February 1963 under the name Syarikat Kerjasama Perkasa (M) Berhad. On 12th December 1978, we changed our name to Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad after being registered with the Cooperative Development Department of Malaysia under registration number 3915/1963. Our main function at Koperasi Perkasa is Credit.

At Koperasi Perkasa, we are dedicated to upholding the aspirations, ideals, rights, and interests of all our members by embracing pure values such as love, cooperation, noble character, transparency, honesty, loyalty, and justice.

We strive to build and enhance our strength, address any weaknesses, and manage wisely. Additionally, we take the lead and seize various opportunities for the success of our religion, nation, and country.

We invite talented and dedicated individuals to join us in our journey at Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad. Here, you will have the opportunity to build a meaningful and impactful career, while contributing to the advancement of the cooperative and achieving success together.

If you share our interests and spirit, come forward and be part of the extended family of Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad. Together, let us achieve success in advancing the cooperative movement and empowering our nation and country.

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Koperasi Perkasa Malaysia Berhad

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Government / Defence

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No 10 Jalan Pahang Barat, Off Jalan Pahang, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia