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Matase Sutera is one of our entrepreneurial efforts to expand and popularize BATIK, not only locally in Malaysia, but also internationally. Through our online shop, Matase Sutera’s name and product has reached many parts of the globe, including United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and also to countless others.

From the humble beginnings of selling our products locally after our establishment in 2009, Matase Sutera has now succeeded in launching a fashion boutique that we are proud to call our own. Today, Matase Sutera has succeeded in capturing the attention and the hearts of fashion and BATIK lovers everywhere by combining traditional, contemporary, and modern elements into the art of BATIK wear.

Our mission is to make BATIK into something to wear not only to official events, but also practical enough as something casual to wear on a daily basis. Therefore, our BATIK crafts is not focused to only one scope of design, but we ensure that our designs are always up-to-date, and to our clients satisfaction. With the newest addition of product line in ‘casual-wear’, like cardigans and blouses, we have brought BATIK to modernization, where BATIK does not have to be worn as official wear during working hours and such, but also fit to wear while they hang out with friends during the weekends.

The bottom line is, we want our customers to feel comfortable and stride confidently while wearing our BATIK.

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