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Who we are?

- We are the inventor and operator of the mutuality program on Vehicle Collision Damage in China.

- We are a team of entrepreneurs and experts on the internet, insurance, and auto aftermarket sectors from China. And 

proudly, we were selected by the Information as one of the most 50 promising startups in 2020 caused by our Mutuality


- We were backed by top-tier investors such as Hillhouse, Nio Capital, Ribbit Capital, Source Code Capital, BlueRun 

Ventures, ZhenFund, etc. 

- Adhering by original intention of pursuing the real mutual, we insisted on using science and technology to improve our 

Mutuality Program and did make great breakthroughs at operational level. 

- We are the first R & D team in China to win the world-class Internet product award through the application of data 

since and sensor technology. We self-developed the Usage Based Mutuality (UBM) AI identification system, which also 

contribute a lot to the program.

- In the past mutual program operation, we believe we were the world's best at understanding the whole benefit 

distribution mechanism under the automobile mutuality.

What is our business?

We are about to launch an usage-based mutual benefit program in which car owners voluntarily participate to share the cost of repairments associated with their own cars’ collision damages, which is called Good Driver Vehicle Collision Damage Mutuality Program. In contrast with insurance, the program members jointly undertake the risk without transferring it to an  insurance company. This program was first launched and successfully operated in China starting from 2019, it had successfully acquired more 

than 200,000 car owners from 17 provinces in China, who have saved 50+% costs, with coverage level equivalent to typical insurance. The program has several unique features that differ itself from insurance and attract car owners and resulted in remarkably low Accident Rate and Loss Ratio, which could be summarized as following: 

- The mutuality program is designed to encourage safe driving, as members with accident will have to spend their own money to repair the car first; members without accident only need to make tiny contribution weekly and could expect more than 50% of the money remaining in their bank accounts at the year end. 

- By installing an application in their smartphones to collect driving data and assess driving practice, members join in Usage Based Mutuality (UBM). This scheme provides in-time feedback on members’ driving behaviors and urge them to drive more cautiously. 

- By introducing qualified workshop network and direct supply of high-quality car parts and accessories from manufactures, the program successfully reduces the settlement costs.

Behind Our Mutuality Program

Our original intention has never changed. It has been constantly pushing us forward to pursue a real Mutual Program not only in China but all over the world. 

- We do think it is a very meaningful program, which can awaken our cherishing of life, enhance our awareness of risk prevention. 

- The topic on Driving Safety can cross national borders and resonate globally. In addition, we believe that driving safety can be improved by reducing the accident rate, which depends on the improvement of safety awareness. This is also the consensus core of our Mutuality program. 

- Build consensus, strengthen safety awareness, reduce Accident Rate and Loss Ratio, so as to get much more Benefits and let members Believe in Mutual.

- We hope that more ambitious individuals can join in the promotion of this program, making contributions to improving road safety while also gaining significant profits through our multi-level marketing system.

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