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Runningball Sports Information is the World’s leading sports information provider. Running Ball Holding AG is an innovative Swiss company, which offers a tailor-made service to a wide range of customers.

The core of our company is constituted by a well-trained team of “Scouts”, who attend all significant sporting events, and specifically designed software, which facilitates digital transmission of match data and statistical extrapolation of match trends in real-time.

Through the interaction of technical and branch-oriented knowledge Runningball is able to provide data and information from sporting events faster and more comprehensive than any other company. Our services offered electronically are based on our self made mobile device which allows us to transfer data without any delay. The product portfolio of Runningball contains products for business clients as well as products for private clients. Runningball offers its partners a tailor-made solution to their requirements. The international partners of Runningball are rewarded with the advantage of the product and its high level quality for many years.

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