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About Tadika Khalifah Perwira Established in December 2017, Tadika Khalifah Perwira is committed to providing exceptional learning experiences for children. We recognize parents as the first teachers, followed by school teachers and the school environment as crucial influences. Our dedicated teachers, combined with a conducive learning environment, create a holistic approach to education. Following the guidance of Prophet Muhammad, we embrace Play Based Learning, integrating the 21st Century Learning Approach into our sessions. As an Islamic Kindergarten, we prioritize Hafazan and Solat, incorporating Islamic teachings into practical life and across the curriculum. Stay tuned for our upcoming Splash and archery programs as part of our extended offerings. Mission Statement At Tadika Khalifah Perwira, our mission is to empower young minds through innovative and holistic education, fostering a lifelong love for learning and personal development. Vision Our vision is to be a leading force in shaping the future of education by creating a nurturing environment that inspires creativity, critical thinking, and strong Islamic values. Working Culture at Tadika Khalifah Perwira • Collaborative and Inclusive Atmosphere • Emphasis on Continuous Learning • Respect for Diversity and Individual Growth • Strong Team Spirit and Supportive Community Benefits of Working at Tadika Khalifah Perwira • Competitive Salary Packages • Professional Development Opportunities • Health and Wellness Programs • Family-Friendly Policies • Vibrant and Positive Work Environment Promotion Opportunities at Tadika Khalifah Perwira • Structured Career Development Plans • Internal Training and Skill Enhancement • Recognition of Hard Work and Dedication Join Us Today Explore exciting career opportunities at Tadika Khalifah Perwira! Check out our job vacancies, apply now, and embark on a rewarding journey of growth and fulfillment. Join a team that values innovation, collaboration, and the holistic development of each individual.

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No. 59, Mezzanine Floor, Rumah ROHAS, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kindergarten Teacher (Klang) Full TimePart Time

MYR1,500.00 - MYR2,000.00 Per Month
20 Aug 2024

Kindergarten Teacher Subang Jaya Full TimePart Time

MYR1,500.00 - MYR2,000.00 Per Month
15 Aug 2024

Kindergarten Teacher Full Time

MYR1,500.00 - MYR1,800.00 Per Month
20 Aug 2024