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About Tadika Tinta Emas

About Tadika Tinta Emas

Since its inception in the year 2000, our aim at Tinta Emas has always been to provide a most meaningful preschool education for the young ones. Hence, through our motto : ‘ To love, To nurture and To enrich ’, we have tried to incorporate the best approaches in the development of all the different areas in the young child, yet not forgetting the child’s need to survive in a most challenging world in a setting of the Malaysian education system.

We look into the holistic development of the child, yet we prepare him for the arduous tasks of being competent and competitive in the real world when they enter the national schools, Integrated Islamic schools(SRAI) or for some, the International Schools arena. In other words, at Tinta Emas we strive to create a balance between looking into the children’s development in the areas of Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social ( SPIES ) and also gently steering them to become independent and voracious learners in preparation for the real world.

Mission Statement

To provide a nurturing and enriching preschool education, fostering holistic development in a supportive environment.


To empower young learners to become competent and competitive individuals, well-prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Working Culture at Tadika Tinta Emas

• Commitment to SPIES development (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social)

• Emphasis on a positive and supportive learning environment

• Encouragement of independence and a passion for learning

• Inclusivity and diversity as core values

Benefits of Working at Tadika Tinta Emas

• Competitive salary packages

• Professional development opportunities

• Health and wellness programs

• Supportive work environment fostering creativity and innovation

Promotion Opportunities at Tadika Tinta Emas

• Structured career development programs

• Internal training and skill enhancement initiatives

• Clear pathways for career advancement

• Recognition of talent and dedication

Join Us Today

Explore exciting career opportunities at Tadika Tinta Emas. Check out our job vacancies, apply now, and be a part of a vibrant community dedicated to shaping the future of young minds. Join us in creating a nurturing and enriching educational experience for children. Your journey towards personal and professional growth starts here.

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