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About You Ming Portal Sdn Bhd

Didi Cafe "​​​​​Where Coffee Dreams Come to Life"

Welcome to Didi Cafe, where every cup tells a story. As the sun rises over Kuala Lumpur, our espresso machines hum with anticipation. We’re not just a cafe; we’re a canvas for creativity, a hub for community, and a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts.

Our Journey
Didi Cafe was born from a shared love for coffee and craftsmanship. Our team—avid travelers, coffee whisperers, and dreamers—set out to create a space that transcends borders. Here, global flavors meet local warmth, and every latte swirl is a work of art.

The Art of Brewing
Calling All Baristas
We’re not content with ordinary. We seek baristas who:

  • [Love the Bean]: You wake up thinking about coffee. You dream in latte art.
  • [Chase Excellence]: Mediocrity isn’t in your vocabulary. You strive for perfection.
  • [Create Magic]: Your hands dance with milk, turning it into silky clouds.

Barista Apprenticeship

Join our apprenticeship program, where you’ll learn the art of extraction, milk frothing, and latte swirls. Our seasoned baristas will mentor you, refining your skills until you can conjure magic in every cup. Latte art throwdowns? Friday nights are electric.

Beyond the Cup
Community & Creativity
Didi Cafe isn’t just about coffee; it’s about connections. 

Sustainability & Stewardship
We’re stewards of the earth. Our beans come from ethical sources, supporting farmers who nurture their soil. Our cups? Compostable, returning to the earth like old friends. And for every bag of beans sold, we plant a tree—a promise to leave a greener legacy.

Join Our Community
The Barista Family

Didi Cafe isn’t just a workplace; it’s a family. Here’s what we offer:

  • [In-Depth Training]: Gain knowledge about coffee’s history, varieties, and essential barista skills.
  • [Career Growth]: Enhance your opportunities in the hospitality and cafe industry.
  • [Small Class]: Personalized attention from experienced trainers.
  • [Certification]: Become an SCA-certified barista.

Location & Hours
Find us at KLECOCITY L3, nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We open at dawn, ready to caffeinate the world.

Didi Cafe isn’t just a cafe; it’s a calling. If you’re passionate about coffee, if you believe in the alchemy of espresso, join us. Let’s brew stories together.

May our coffee tribe grow stronger with each cup! ☕

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You Ming Portal Sdn Bhd

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Small-Medium Enterprize

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Food / Beverage

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  • Health Insurance
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Level 7, Tower 7, Avenue 7, The Horizon, Bangsar South, WP Kuala Lumpur, MY

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MYR1,500 - MYR2,500 Per Month
9 Aug 2024