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DBMM JAYA SDN BHD, incorporated on 23rd July 2014, is a Malaysian based company.

DBMM Jaya specialises in the technology of 2nd generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) for

Industrial, Roads and Motorways, Office Buildings and Residential. Our company’s main

focus is to provide the most energy efficient lighting solutions that achieves our customer’s

demand and most importantly is environmental friendly, contributing to a cleaner and

greener earth.

DBMM Jaya with its signature brand OGEN LED is fast becoming the lighting industries

undisputable pioneer with its unique technology. The technology was founded by the 2

grandsons of Philips family back in 2005 and within the first two years itself, managed to

take up a whopping 90% LED Lighting market share in the Netherlands. The birth of Ogen

LED lighting came after an extensive research on how our eyes and light works, making it

the one-of-a-kind lighting solutions that truly caters to your eyes needs. These breath-taking

breakthroughs in lighting technology makes Ogen LED a market game changer, providing

customers with huge energy savings of up to 90%, distinguishing itself from the other

brands in the market. To make it more attractive, Ogen LED is packaged competitively

compared to other leading brands in the market and these benefits are translated directly to

our customers.

Started from a humble beginning, DBMM has evolved and has the technical know-how with

its directors and personnel that have secured multi-million dollar LED lighting projects in

Malaysia, making it truly your one- stop-total – led lighting solutions provider. DBMM offers

solutions that gives you peace of mind when it comes to lighting. DBMM with its signature

brand OGEN LED, packages customized lighting and design that caters lighting solution for

every segment and need. DBMM with its breakthrough technology, provides products

warranties unmatched in the industry.

Ogen LED aim’s to create a sustainable impact in reducing global CO2 emission by helping

our customers reduce their lighting energy costs and unnecessary energy usage. With

products utilizing a breakthrough concept, which creates light that matches perfectly to the

sensitivity of the human eyes at any time of the day, less energy is needed compared to

conventional LED lamps, while achieving better visibility.

Today we have the first generation LED that is being adopted by the market, but Ogen LED

being the market leader, is already providing you with the second generation LED Lighting

solutions. As your good- self and your esteem organisation is aware, bringing down cost and

energy has been a major task for all. At Ogen LED, we understand your problems providing

you with lasting solutions to your woes. Invest in the future, not the past.

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