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As a private safe deposit box company, our mission is to offer a safe and secure storage facility for individuals who want a better way to store their valuable items and important documents.


Founded on the 9th of April 2009, Melawati Safety Box is under the umbrella of Melawati Security Sdn. Bhd. which was incorporated in 2007.


Together, our directors lend a combinative total of no less than 100 years of security experience and expertise to make Melawati a trusted name in safety where all our personnel are vetted by the Ministry of Home Affairs before we commence to employ their services.


At Melawati Safety Box, we are serious about ensuring the safety of our client's valuables. This is one reason why we have invested a high paid up capital on our facility, featuring advanced security systems using high-tech electronic and physical surveillance and vibration and heat sensors.
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At MSB, peace of mind comes knowing that your important documents and valuables are secured in a locked vault each night and the assurance of security from the risks of fire, burglary, flood and misplaced safe combination codes.


Our safety deposit box facilities are kept in an airtight vault specially built by Lord, a trusted name in heavy security cabinets and enclosure systems. You can be assured that our safety deposit boxes and explosion proof vault facility is created by highly trained and experienced designers, utilizing the latest and most advanced methods of safe-making technology.


As a plus, we also provide additional protection in the form of insurance coverage of up to RM20,000 from MCIS Zurich for the content of your safety deposit box.

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