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“Neo” akin to New, Advance, and State-of-the-art, Innovative. “Science” akin to Competency in a particular branch of knowledge. Neoscience was established in 2012 with the vision of empowering medical diagnostics and life science research in Malaysia through the application of advanced technologies. We are partnering with world-class, reputable suppliers who are reliable and provide innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs in our current fast moving, ever-changing Medical and Life Science field. We are confident and proud of every products and services that we provide; and our number one priority had always been to achieve a world-class customer experience and satisfaction. We aspired to be the Preferred and Referred Partner for our clients through our exceptional ability in mastering the sciences and technologies behind Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Diagnostics, Life Science and Big Biodata Management. Our team which we referred to fondly as the “One Together” team, lives by the principle of “Always with you”. This symbolized our commitment to serve and support our clients from our hearts. We will continue to be the best version of ourselves and our ultimate pride lies in our clients’ success.

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Neoscience Sdn Bhd

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Healthcare / Medical

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Unit C109-110, Level 1, Block C, Kelana Square, 17, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MY

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