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SLA Consultancy breaks through the traditional barriers of the consultant-client relationship. We are hands-on consultants who deliver real results. Our team consists of expertise, experience and contacts to assist business owners/investor grow their businesses and turn profits by involving in the business concepts, interior planning, project management, financing, menu development, litigation, recruiting, accounting and operations management.

Our leads management team are dedicated to working with each individual seeking consulting assistance to ensure that the best possible match is made with one or a team of our independent professional consultants – in the shortest timeframe.

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Content Creator (Junior) Sepenuh Masa

More than MYR2,500 Per Month
19 Jun 2024

Personal Assistant to Director Sepenuh Masa

MYR3,000 - MYR4,500 Per Month
3 Jul 2024

F&B Operation Executive Sepenuh Masa

MYR2,800 - MYR3,500 Per Month
27 Jun 2024