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About Campeon Events

Campeon – Pronounced Kum-Pee-Yun, can be defined as the Spanish word for Champion.


Here at Campeon events, we pride ourselves with being your one-stop shop for event management and solutions. Besides, planning, organizing and managing, we have the ability to take your needs one step further by helping you break into new and international markets.

We boast a team of dedicated individuals well versed in different areas of the event business making sure everything from beginning to end and beyond will be taken care of for you, making sure your ideal event comes true. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy the satisfaction of a great event, hassle free!

Our team will work closely with you from the very beginning on conceptualization of business ideas and proposals, event marketing, planning, organizing, managing and right up to post event evaluations and analyses.


Here at Campeon, we provide an array of services that promise to keep you relaxed and confident through every step of the way. We make sure you get what you want, when you want and it’ll all be done without you having to break a sweat.

We take care of everything else in between too ensuring all your needs are taken care of; corporate profiles and designing, venue and supplier management, exhibition booth management, photography and videography, performance management, and printing of posters & banners.

1) Events Management:

With our team of specialized professionals, we provide the best tailored consultancy, planning and implementation for all your events be it corporate or personal, international or local. We work closely with you to design, setup & manage events that will guarantee to give you that extra zest. We will be there at every step of the way, setting up decorations and conference halls, taking care of audiovisual systems, arranging furniture and helping you with any question that you may have. We can and will do any event to your liking. We do not lie when we said we would do it all for you.


Our events management services include:

1. Corporate Dinners & Anniversaries

2. Product Launches

3. Roadshows

4. Team Building Activities

5. Social Events Management

6. Business Networking Events

7. Opening Ceremonies & Launches

8. Festival Campaigns & Activities


2) Trade Fairs Services:

From the very beginning on conceptualization, planning, execution and evaluation, we take great care of your participation in trade fairs or exhibitions. Our experience in managing trade fairs allows us to understand your needs and requirements. Hence, we provide quality assurance services to you while you put all your focus in promoting your businesses throughout your events. Our trade fairs services are not only focusing on local market but we also have the capabilities to manage your events in overseas.


Our trade fairs services include:

1. Exhibition Booths Design & Setup

2. Events Design & Setup

3. Product Launches Design & Setup

4. Roadshows Design & Setup

5. Exhibition Consultancy & Planning

6. Furniture & Fittings Rental

7. Event Promoters & Crew Management


3) Festival Decorations:

When it comes to decorating and designing an event or a venue, you will not find anyone who is as versatile as we are. We can decorate retail shops, shopping malls, office lobbies, conference rooms, and just about anywhere else you can hang a streamer. Being Malaysian and having grown up in a melting pot of cultures, we have mastered decorating for any occasion, festival, season or event. That having been said, we believe that design plays an important role in any event; therefore we have put together a team of professional designers that will translate all your ideas and materialize them into something tangible, attractive and memorable.


Our festival decorations services include:

1. Venues Decoration & Setup

2. Shopping Malls Decoration & Setup

3. Themed Decoration & Setup

4. Indoor & Outdoor Decoration

5. Lightings, Backdrops & Fittings


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