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·        Performs audit inspection to verify quality within specification at each production lines.

·        Performs X-ray and visual inspection to identify rejects to avoid customer complaints.

·        Down the machines due to critical quality issue.

·        Performs validation to machines by carrying vision activity

•     Hold the lots with quality issues in system for further investigation and treatment activities to be carried out.

·        Track down affected lot and verify other lots that might be affected too

Verify each conversion done before running for production.

·        Awas,Qms (OCAP system),trace lot by machine report,

·        encrb,lot history report. Lot combine history. Lot disposition

·        Plating setup and conversion. Knows process specification of plating according to  

product requirement

·        Setting tensioner roller & rubber thickness using IMADA measurement meter.

·        Used with plating machine NT-10,EC-2003,Pre-Dip and Plating :-

                                  i.       Solderon acid

                                 ii.       Solderon Tin

                                iii.       Primary

                                iv.       Secondary

                                 v.       Rd Concentrate

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