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Interview walau sedang dalam tempoh percubaan dan baru mula seminggu

Saya ada soalan, saya dapat offer untuk pergi interview walau dalam tempoh probation dan baru mula kerja seminggu….adakah saya perlu bagitahu interviewer yang saya sudah bekerja dan apa alasan saya boleh bagi jika ditanya kenapa cari kerja lain dalam tempoh probation?
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It is important to be transparent during the interview process, so it is recommended to inform the interviewer that you have already started a new job. If asked why you are looking for a new job during your probation period, you can explain that you have considered your career goals and feel that this new opportunity aligns better with your long-term aspirations. It is important to be honest and provide a valid reason for seeking a new job so soon after starting your current role.