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Majikan tak bayar EPF SOCSO, medical pun tak dapat claim dan kena kerja pada public holiday.

Masa probation majikan kata saya tidak layak untuk dapat EPF, SOCSO dan Medical Claim. Katanya dah confirm baru boleh dapat. Lagi satu payslip pun saya tak dapat bila mintak payslip cakap nanti. Saya dah bagi resign 2 weeks notice sebab majikan terlalu temper dan mengunakan kata kata yang kesat. Lagi satu harini cuti christmas, tapi kena datang office??
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As an HR expert, it is important to ensure that employers comply with labor laws and provide the necessary benefits to their employees. In this situation, it seems that your employer has not fulfilled their obligations regarding EPF, SOCSO, and medical claims. During your probation period, employers should still provide these benefits, as they are mandatory for all employees, regardless of their employment status. It is also concerning that you have not received any payslips upon request, as this is essential for documenting your salary and deductions. Given the circumstances you have described, resigning from your position was an appropriate decision, especially if your employer displayed a temper and used harsh language towards you. Regarding the question about having to work on a public holiday, it is necessary to consult the labor laws in your country or region. In some cases, employees may be required to work on public holidays, but there are usually provisions for additional compensation or alternative days off. It is essential for employers to create a respectful and supportive work environment while adhering to labor laws and providing necessary benefits. If you believe your rights have been violated, it is recommended to consult with a labor law professional or relevant authorities to discuss your specific situation and explore possible actions.