Hi, saya fresh grad. Sudah berapa bulan juga sedang cari kerja. So, ceritanya adalah saya dah berapa bulan dah asyik gaduh dengan family. I was never really on good terms with them. I try lah untuk pretend tapi kadang dah tak larat kan. Ada adik tapi pon sama. I'm the eldest child and I know they put lots of hope on me. Cuma bezanya adik dapat perguruan tapi saya tak dapat. Sejak insiden macam tu, selalu fikir parent macam lain je layan dari adik. I tried make changes lah and try be good tapi no matter how good I be diaorg try to point out my fault. So thats a thing lah, now moving to my current problem. I want to ask about a job offer recently I get since saya buat research and couldn't find much about it. Saya dapat call dari syarikat called Collabera and they said my client is Crimsonlogic. So they were Indians and I have done first interview dengan diaorg. They said I was good though I feel like I wasn't, sebab rasa macam performance sendiri macam tak bagus sangat. Not downgrading myself cuma as professional people, I am sure most people pernah kena interview tapi sebab diaorg so accepting made me so curious with how they evaluate. Then, another thing is, they don't even show their face whilst I kena tunjuk muka during interview. They are all Indians as I mentioned before. I don't know if normal ke tak but I think official interview should at least dua dua pihak tunjuk muka right? And then they said, they will contact me again untuk arrange prepping macam tu tapi until now I haven't got any updates. They offer me to be Junior Software Developer at the targeted client. So of course, before anything I did reserach about the company lah, I found out my company tu located inside a shopping mall. Base dia di Singapore. So, I wonder if its international why you having a company at shopping mall building? Maybe, baru buat or baru ditubuhkan which I don't know. I cari di web page diaorg pon tak de info sangat. Pasal Collabera is even shaddy because I found negative and positive reveiws from them. Which is hanya dari luar negara and not Malaysia. So, my question is ada tak yang kenal ke or pernah kerja or anything related at all with Collabera and Crimsonlogic? My main language diaorg nak bagi training adalah Java. I discuss dengan parent and family, they weren't really helping. So I decided to take matters into my own hand. I want to make a decision as soon as possible. If the companies are shady then I will instantly withdraw tapi if it's okay, then I proceed. Thank you so much for those helping me and really appreciated.


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