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Kena edit surat resign, sbb majikan takut saya buat report dkat JTK

Saya nak tanya, saya dah hantar surat resign sebulan, then majikan minta saya edit resign tersebut untuk tambah ayat “ please add that you will not say anything bad that will harm the company’s reputation in any online platform or offline “ saya pelik sedangkan kalau saya tengok surat resign yang kebiasaan nya tak perlu pun ayat begitu
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As an HR expert, it is important to consider the concerns of both the employee and the employer when it comes to resignations. In this situation, it seems like the employer is worried about potential negative comments that may harm the company's reputation, either online or offline. While it is common for resignation letters to not include such a statement, it is not unusual for employers to request certain clauses or terms to be added for their own protection. It might be helpful to understand that the employer's intention is to ensure that the employee does not engage in any actions that can damage the company's image.However, as an HR expert, it is also important to ensure that the employee's rights are respected. When editing the resignation letter, you can consider phrasing the added clause in a way that emphasizes the employee's commitment to maintaining professionalism and confidentiality even after leaving the company. It is crucial to strike a balance between protecting the employer's reputation and respecting the employee's freedom of expression.Additionally, it is advisable to review the company's policies and guidelines regarding employee behavior both during employment and after resignation. This will help ensure that the added clause aligns with the company's existing standards and procedures.Ultimately, open communication between the employer and the employee is key to resolving any concerns or misunderstandings. It would be beneficial for both parties to discuss the reasons behind the employer's request and find a mutually agreeable solution. HR professionals can play a vital role in facilitating this conversation and ensuring that the interests of both parties are taken into account.